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Tim Rose

Updated: May 7, 2020

What is your name, year and major?

My name is Tim, and I’m a Senior Computer Science Major.

Why did you come to UMass Dartmouth?

My Highschool was very small, with a graduating class size of 6 students. I wanted to go

to a university that was small enough for me to be recognized and make change, but large enough to be different than high school with the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people.

Do you consider the faculty to be diverse?

As a whole, yes. Some departments are more diverse than others, and it depends which department you put into question.

How do you think the university treats/ views its students of color / minority students?

I believe the university treats minorities equal to how they treat non-minority students. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve never felt as if I was treated unfairly, and if I had felt in such a way, I would put myself in the shoes of the university and see if anything could be done differently from their perspective.

Can you walk me through what it physically feels like when you enter a predominantly white space? 

I personally don’t feel any different, but perhaps that’s because I’m half white and half Asian. I almost feel like I have the ability to flip a switch and associate more with different groups, whether they’re all minorities or all white. Ultimately it depends who the group of people are and what they’re talking about that affects the way I feel. If they’re talking about something I can’t relate to, I feel left out and physically feel isolated and stared at. However if it’s something I’m interested in, I can mesh well no matter who the types of people are.

Have you ever utilized the counseling center on campus, and how was it? How impactful would it be to have a counselor of color on staff?

I have not, but have referred many residents to the counseling center. I do believe having a counselor of color would be very necessary, especially on a campus like ours. Some people are only able to open up to those who they can relate to, and if there are no counselors of color, certain students would be missing out on the opportunity to relate.

Have you ever attended events put on by multi cultural orgs and what do these things mean to you?

I’ve been to many multi-cultural org events, especially prior to senior year. These events hold a lot of value to me, as they not only teach others about my culture, but they’ve provided me with insight into what other cultures are like.

Has the school cut funding to these orgs, do you feel like the school supports and validates these events?

I wouldn’t know about the financials, as I am not a member of any e-boards. I’d have to see the bigger picture on if funding was cut, why was it cut, and where else was it cut, in order to make any judgments on if the school supports and validates these events. After all, UMass Dartmouth prides itself on diversity and the only way to validate that is if they put their money where their mouth is.

How do you feel about white students on campus….What do you wish they would do different?

I’m not sure if I feel any specific way towards white people on campus. They’re just living their lives in the same world you and I are. We should all build each other up and love one another no matter who you are. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done, but people today are quick to judge and point fingers. Instead of pointing, we need to take some responsibility and listen to each other.

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