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Below are some of the resources available to students attending UMass Dartmouth. Although these offices are not staffed to perfectly represent the student demographic, these are still what resources are available to students living on campus. Each description was taken from the UMass Dartmouth website.


has faculty of color, always hosting cultural programming, known as an inclusive / safe space.


none notable.

The Frederick Douglass Unity House

The Frederick Douglass Unity House is an intercultural center that empowers and transforms the student experience, through activities and initiatives designed to challenge, foster and enrich the cultural life of the UMassD community.


has queer faculty, known

as an inclusive / safe space, hosts educational programs

and confidential hiv testing.


no faculty of color on staff.

The Center of Women Gender and Sexuality

The CWGS is a voice for women and the lesbian, gay, bisexual,

and trans community, with the purpose of eliminating barriers, diminishing prejudices, and creating a supportive climate and space for all. Our mission is to offer resources and support on LGBTQ a

nd women’s issues. In addition, the CWGS coordinates campus initiatives to prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence.  The CWGS recognizes that investigations of gender must take

place in tandem with explorations of race, class, sexual orientation,

gender identity and expression and other significant aspects of individual identity. 


the only space on campus with professional counselors, appointments are covered by student fees, can direct students to off campus help, each counselor has different concentrations. 


no faculty of color on staff, there

are only 6 counselors available limiting availability.

The Counseling Center


Individual counseling is available to help students with a variety of concerns. Most commonly students seek help because they are experiencing academic difficulties, including time management issues, concentration problems, lack of motivation, selection of a major or questions about study skills. Others are having trouble adjusting to college life or are having conflict with a roommate or their parents. In addition, many of our clients have specific concerns related to such issues as depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse, or eating concerns.


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