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The Interview Selection Process

What are Wokes


What can I do??

Woke is a social media campaign designed to achieve several key items at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

  1. To bring awareness to ignored student narratives.

  2. To invite people to think of their own privilege.

  3. Empower people to use their privilege for change.

  4. To demand better of the UMass Dartmouth administration.

There is plenty you can do to help right now. 

  1. Share their story. Knowledge is power and the more people who know, the more likely of actual change from administration.

  2. Keep these perspectives in mind in your daily lives. This means calling out friends for being problematic, speaking up for others , and to educate people who may not yet understand the biases they hold.

  3. Join the cause. Just because these issues may not affect you, doesn't mean you can overlook and forget them. Consider this your wake up call.

  4. Remember kindness. Fighting fire with fire only causes more harm. Try to remember that people come from all walks of life and may not be educated enough to understand the  harm that their words and actions can be. Rise above, but also understand it isn't your job to educate everyone. Do what you can.

Firstly, Woke would owes a huge thank you to each and every student interviewee who was brave enough to share their vulnerable stories for publication.

Woke would also like to emphasize how issues of time and the Corona Virus limited how many students could be interviewed for the project. Due to the fact that Woke is a senior capstone design project, a timeline limited the number of people who could be reached. Woke would like to reiterate how the project does not accurately represent every demographic of the diverse UMass Dartmouth student body, and that work like this cannot really ever

be completely finished.

For more on the importance

of understanding

minority perspectives.

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